Lee Kum Kee

give your food a swift kick with lee kum kee sriracha mayo

A dip. A spread. A sauce. Put it on anything and the result is always kick-ass deliciousness.

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take any bite to the next level.

  • party food

    • A little sweet and a lotta spicy.
      “The bottle of power. At your command.”
    • A smooth and spicy love affair.
      “Show bland who’s boss (P.S. it’s you)”
    • Taste is king and this sauce is the crown.
      “In a flavor face-off… be the better bottle.”
    • Dip. Drizzle. Dayum.
      “Show your food who the master is.”
    • Use half the bottle. Or the whole thing. We won’t tell.
      “Bring flavor to the fight with sriracha mayo.”
    • I think I found my soul mate.
      “You are what you eat. So eat flaming awesomeness.”
  • meals

    • Good morning, beautiful
      “Your mouth won’t just water; it will cry tears of joy.”
    • From ball park to ballin’
      “Great flavor isn’t born. It’s sauced.”
    • Spread a little glory on your sammie
      “Why blah when you can BAM?”
    • Is this love? I think this is love.
      “Sad food, meet Dr. Sauce.”
    • Who would’ve thought? You did. And it’s good.
      “Make your food beg for mercy — in the best kind of way.”
    • This taco just took my breath away.
      “Flex a little muscle in the taste department.”
  • Party Food
  • Meals

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